History's lesson

The workgroup for ‘Schools and Education’ of the OERmuseum in Diever has developed a programme on prehistory, called ‘Oerwijs’. This programme includes interesting educational material to supplement the lessons primary school pupils (group 7/8) receive on this topic.

For groups and classes from the upper grades of primary schools, the OERmuseum offers a programme with a variety of activities. This programme covers half a day. By arrangement, we can offer a programme on the Old Stone Age (the last ice age, first vegetation and first animals, reindeer hunters and their tools, hunters/gatherers), and on the New Stone Age (dolmens, burial culture, funnel cups, flint carving).

Het museum is open vanaf het paasweekend t/m de herfstvakantie. Plus de kerst- en voorjaarsvakantie. In de kerstvakantie is het museum gesloten op 25, 26 en 31 december en op 1 januari.

Opening hours

The OERmuseum is closed now.
From Friday  april 7 2023 our museum is open again in the afternoon from 13:30 to 17:00 hours Tuesdays to Sundays.