in THE oermuseum

Journey through prehistory

inside and outside the OERmuseum

The OERmuseum not only offers an exhibition on prehistory, covering everything from the last Ice Age to the Bronze Age and Iron Age. In addition to the collection of archaeological finds and dioramas in the Schultehuus, we also provide all kinds of outdoor activities to experience the prehistoric times and to spot its traces in the landscape. Will you join us on our journey through time?

Schools and groups

The workgroup for ‘Schools and Education’ of the OERmuseum in Diever has developed the programme ‘Oerwijs’. This educational programme is suitable for children in upper primary schools.

Het museum is open vanaf het paasweekend t/m de herfstvakantie. Plus de kerst- en voorjaarsvakantie. In de kerstvakantie is het museum gesloten op 25, 26 en 31 december en op 1 januari.

Opening hours

The OERmuseum is closed now.
From Friday  april 7 2023 our museum is open again in the afternoon from 13:30 to 17:00 hours Tuesdays to Sundays.